The Word GAP

All healthy babies learn to talk, but not all babies are read to every day, get lots of verbal stimulation with songs and rhymes, or are given lots of opportunities to have the kind of "serve and return" conversations that help them learn how to meaningfully and creatively express themselves. 

Having those kind of verbal experiences from birth on makes all the difference in how they grow and develop.  Children who are talked to and interacted with a lot have higher IQ scores, bigger vocabularies, and are stronger readers.

Unfortunately, milions of children don't have that experience.  In fact, by the age of 4, some kids have had the benefit of hearing 30 MILLION more words than others. 

It's not that their parents don't love them.  They do.  But, parents THINK they talk to their baby a lot more than they ACTUALLY do. 

Research on child development, neuroscience and language acquisition has revealed that the number of words a baby needs for optimal development is around 20,000 a day.  AND, those words need to come directly from people near them, not from TVs, smart phones or tablets.

Right now, only about 10% of  U.S. children between birth and 36 months hear that many spoken words.  But, we're determined to change that!

We've developed Time2Talk2Baby to encourage parents to talk, sing, read, and rhyme more, all for the purpose of increasing the chances for their children to grow up healthy, strong, smart, and successful in whatever they want to do in life.