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Do You Know If Your Child's Language is Developing Normally?
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The LENATM  Developmental Snapshot is an easy, inexpensive way parents can find out how their child is progressing in terms of their language and learning.  
Language is the key to all learning and the amount of language they hear and interact with during the first three years of life directly affects how large your child's vocabulary will be, how ready they will be for school, how well they get along with others, and how good a reader they will eventually become.  
​It's important to know how well your child's language skills are progressing.  Assessing children's language development early and often is best because the sooner you catch a possible problem, the earlier you can intervene and prepare them for a life of learning and success.
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The Snapshot was developed by a team of speech language pathologists, linguists, statisticians, and other researchers at the LENA   Research Foundation.  It is a validated, 52-item survey designed to assess expressive (what they say and do) and receptive language (what they understand when you say it) skills in children 2 months to 36 months of age.  It only takes between 5 - 10 minutes to complete.
The LENA   Developmental Snapshot estimates a child's developmental age in comparison to their chronological age.  
For example: 
A 15-month-old child whose language is developing normally would have a score that is near his/her age - 15 months.
A 15-month-old child who is lagging behind in communication skills might have a score of 12 months, which means he/she is three months behind other children and is not meeting developmental milestones for their age.
In the same way, a 15-month-old child who is advanced in their language might have a score of 18 months; in other words they are three months ahead of their peers' normal development.
Click on the sample report to see what you 
will receive and how your child's results will be charted. 
We currently offer the LENA  Developmental Snapshot on-line for $20.00 each, or you can purchase a yearly subscription for with unlimited administrations on 1 child for $100.00.  

Note:  We do not provide therapeutic services or counseling.  In all cases, we recommend that parents take results to your pediatrician and discuss it with them.

NOTE:  Professionals can provide access for their patients/clients at group rates.  Please contact us for details. 

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