Developmental Snapshot

Is Quick & Easy
The assessment only takes between 5 - 10 minutes to complete.  No special skills are required, and it can be done in the privacy of your own home.                       (click image to enlarge)
Developed by Experts
The Developmental Snapshot was developed by a team of speech language pathologists, linguists, statisticians, and other researchers at the LENA  Research Foundation.  It is a validated, 52-item survey designed to assess expressive skills (what they say and do) and receptive language skills (what they understand when you say it) in children as young as 2 months of age.  The test goes up to 36 months of age. 

The Snapshot was developed over several years with thousands of children and their mothers.  The language assessment was then tested for comparison to those diagnostic measures currently being used in the field.  The chart to the left indicates it's  high level of validity and reliabiilty.
The Developmental Snapshot estimates a child's developmental age in comparison to their chronological age.   ​For example:  A 15-month-old child whose language is developing normally would have a score that is near his/her age  - or 15 months.