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Time2Talk2Baby is Personalized
for Your Baby's Age

Babies grow so quickly - right before your eyes!  Since the changes happen so fast, it's important to keep up with them; knowing what baby needs, and when.  That's why it's important that you put in your baby's age/birthdate when you enroll.  You wouldn't want tips and topics, and developmental information for a 6 month old if your child was actually 2 and a half! 

Something NEW to Say, Sing, or Read Everyday

We'll also send you talking tips, developmental information, Words of the Day, Nursery Rhymes, and much, much more. And, what we send you is only 30-45 seconds long!   As one of our test users said, "It's just enough time to get the message across, but not too long so the listener doesn't lose interest!"   Our suggestions start out with things that are appropriate for newborns, and go all the way up until your baby is 36 months old.  Click here to find out about the categories we have created to construct your brain-building messages.


Access to All Previous Messages

Once you start receiving your daily messages, you can go back at any time to listen to them again, and as many times as you want.  And, if you miss a day, you can catch up by simply  clicking on the month your child is right now.  If, for example, you enrolled your baby at 3 months, then all the messages that have been sent since the beginning of month 3 are there for you, all numbered and categorized for easy selection.


Keep Track of Your Favorites

We know you are going to have favorites, so we've made a place to keep them!  You can mark as many as you want.  Simply click the heart next to the audio button.  And, to share something you love with a friend, the forward icon lets you send the audio message to friends via text or email, or post it to the world with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Decide When To
Receive Your New Message

You'll be notified early in the day that a new message has arrived.  You can open it at your leisure, and also select a time later in the day to be reminded that "It's Time2Talk2Baby!" 



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